Engagement is the commitment before the man and woman get married. The engagement ring is placed on left ring finger. There are different styles of men engagement rings. The girl chooses the ring for her groom to be as a symbol of devotion and love in upcoming life.

Engagement rings: best styles

There are various designs and styles available in the market. It is the choice of the customer which style he prefer or she prefers. These are as following.

Simple ring

The simple engagement ring is decent and elegant in look. Those who need affordable jewel can prefer simple engagement rings. The simple form is available in gold, silver and platinum type. It the choice of customer what type of material he requires. These are available in the single shade as well as in dual form as for example black plated titanium band.

Modern type

a sleek black tungsten is the common example of modern engagement rings. Carbon fiber inlays containing rings come in modern engagement rings class. It is made in combination with different colors like blue, red and green. It is good to prefer that color the groom like the most.

Classic style

Classic style is also known as traditional style. These types of rings contain gemstones incorporated into them. Usually, the gemstone is a diamond. Another type of stones includes ruby, sapphire, emerald, and zircon. Due to the presence of these stones, these rings are expensive as compared to simple forms. The stones are either present on either side of the ring or present in the center.

Fashion type

This type is different from another type as it is customized form. It is not simple nor does it contain gemstones inserted in the traditional way. It has extra accessories like heart shape stone is present in middle portion of ring or two hands present showing the commitment symbol. Irish Claddagh ring is the example of fashion type engagement ring for men.

Two tone

Two tone ring style involves the combination of two metals like mixing of gold and silver. Commonly two tone rings have titanium mixed with rose gold. These are stylish and sleek and sometimes have custom letters around the band.

Nature inspired

These rings give natural ring. The material used for making these rings is wood and ceramic. These are different and give masculine look.

Thousands of designs are available in different styles. It is all the choice of the groom and bride what type and style they prefer for their special day.




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